Search Engine Optimisation Trends for 2017

Now that 2017 is right around the corner, many business owners have begun thinking about how they can optimise their bottom line in the new year. One of the best ways to make it happen is by enhancing one’s search engine optimisation efforts to ensure that more and more members of the intended audience are becoming familiar with your brand. Luckily, accessing and implementing some of the hottest SEO trends for 2017 will empower your company to realize this objective. Here are just a few of the many big SEO trends that will gain traction next year:

Target Market Research

Target market research will be big in 2017. As SEO mavens know, being able to understand who the client’s audience is and what they’re looking for is key to catching and keeping their attention in the online world. Since this is the case, search engine optimisation experts will spend time learning as much as possible about the target market’s shopping tendencies, ideological slants, and personal preferences. They will then take this information and streamline the SEO campaign to ensure that the client and consumer are constantly connecting in the online world.

Keyword Research

Like target market research, keyword research is immensely important in site optimisation. Keyword research is designed to ensure that the words online users type in to look for a product or service are expertly sprinkled throughout the business owner’s website content. This process will help ensure that the client’s product pages attain page 1 ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs). In 2017, primacy will be placed on mastering things like voice search and semantic keywords to ensure competitive placement in the SERPs.

Content Marketing

Content is still “king” in the world of SEO. Now as always, a business owner’s blog posts, videos, and web articles are the primary sources that an online visitor will use to gain a better understanding of the brand. As such, SEO experts are taking the content creation and marketing process very seriously. Emphasis is placed on heightening scannability so the reader/viewer can access the desired information quickly. Some of the textual elements used to optimize scannability include:

  • Infographics
  • Headers
  • Subheaders
  • Bullet Points
  • Numbered Lists

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

As more and more people utilize mobile devices to access websites, business owners need to be savvy about ensuring that these individuals can review their product pages with ease. Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) is an SEO strategy that generates this outcome. AMP is essentially a form of web optimization which ensures that mobile pages are loaded really fast. Google and Twitter designed this project and it involves utilizing a stripped-down form of HTML to ensure that the page will load instantaneously. Business owners who hire an SEO company that can implement this strategy will likely attain more substantive conversion rates.

Don’t Delay: Get Ready For 2017 Today!

Business owners who want their companies to be exceptionally successful in 2017 should know that implementing proven SEO strategies can help them realize the goal. You can use the information found in this quick reference guide to develop a strategic plan that involves using the latest and greatest search engine optimisation techniques available!