Social Media for Business

Business owners use to be skeptical and sometimes cautious about using social media for business, but in the last few years, social media has exploded. Brand marketing experts and experts in search engine optimisation all say it is necessary for a business to truly be successful. Social media seems to be the key ingredient in the recipe of a successful marketing strategy. Approximately 72 percent of adults in the United States use social media, according to MediaPost. eMarketer did a study showing 37 percent of social media uses would frequently research services, products or brands before deciding on a purchase. Based on those numbers alone, it would be wise for business to use social media in a variety of ways.

Social Media Reduces Advertising Costs

Social media is a cheap way to show a business product or service to prospective customers and fans. For a business, it is free to make a post on Facebook offering a discount, free to tweet a message about a new product and free to put a picture of a new product up on Instagram or Pinterest. It takes very little times, and it costs nothing.

Social Media Has a Big Impact on SEO

Sharing compelling and unique content from the business domain to social media brings in more hits to the original website too. There will be many people who share, like, retweet and even link to their own sites. Major search engines pay attention to backlinks and social signals, and they index and rank sites accordingly. Social media assists in improving page rank, which will increase sales and attention.

Social Media Offers a New Channels to Improve Customer Service

Customers like to use their favorite social media platforms to communicate directly with businesses. This is a great opportunity to get a feel for their concerns, read comments and answer questions immediately. This is done in public on the Internet, so other consumers can see it too. According to a study done by Forbes, 71 percent of people who get a quick response back on social media end up recommending the brand. A 71 percent recommendation rate because of quick customer service on a social platform is exactly it is necessary to have a presence in social media for a business

Businesses Can Form Personalities

This benefit is very short and easy to understand. Social media allows a business to give its brand a personality. People will always connect better with an interactive personality than a commercial.

Social Media Give a Competitive Advantage

Social media has the ability to grow past the competition by forming connections with current and future customers. This new way to form a business and customer relationship can theoretically span the Internet. If the competition has a presence already, then at least things will even up, or a business can always create a better and more expansive presence.

These five benefits really illustrate the usefulness of social media for a business. There are so many more, and they should all be explored and implemented. Start using social media immediately and reaping the benefits.