app developers
With the advancement in mobile technology, mobile app development became important. Consumers have begun to use apps for banking, gaming, making purchases, keeping track of schedules, interacting with others, getting news updates, watching their favorite TV programs and storing photos and videos. Apps for business, personal and professional use have become a part of people’s everyday lives, but the developers who create these mobile apps face unique issues in developing and promoting them. It is only by overcoming these challenges that they are able to make their applications available to people all over the world.

Different devices

People use a wide variety of mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets, to access apps. Developers may automatically want to design apps that fit with the latest devices released, but they could be cutting themselves off from potential users. App designers need to create programs that are usable on different platforms, including iOS, android and Windows-based devices. To do this, they have to have understanding of different platforms’ screen resolutions and OS requirements and be able to develop responsive designs that can work on varying systems. Doing testing on different devices can help developers to be able to overcome this challenge. The issue lies in making updates that work the newest released and older models still being used.

User friendless

App developers need to be able to put themselves in the mindset of average computer, smart phone or tablet users to be able to come up with user-friendly apps. As they are developing apps, they should really think about whether everyday individuals will be able to easily navigate their apps. The trick is to make apps as simple to navigate as possible and to provide clear instructions on using them. Otherwise, apps could get negative ratings, which can deter new users from downloading them.

Battery life

Battery life has become a one of the biggest concerns for mobile users, one that developers should be aware of as they are designing apps. While they want to come out with apps that work, designers also want to find ways for their apps to use the minimal amount of battery possible. While users may be willing to overlook high battery usage for some of their favorite apps, they are less likely to do this for new apps. If an app is running slowly and draining battery life, users will likely feel dissatisfied with it. By running tests, developers can get a sense of how their apps actually work on different devices, including older ones.

Multimedia incorporation

With the number of apps out there, app developers new to find ways to make their products stand out. To do this, they often need to incorporate different types of multimedia, including graphics and images. These elements can make apps more pleasing to the eye but could have an impact on usability. The type of multimedia that they use depends on the type of apps they are designing. Certain apps require video or gaming capabilities. Designers need to be able to find a balance with their use of multimedia to keep their programs running quickly and efficiently on different devices.


Apps can be expensive to create, especially startup ones. Developers want to be able to develop the best, most user-friendly apps possible for consumers, but they need to have the funding to be able to do so. Mobile apps can take a great deal of time and investment, especially they are developed by teams. According to Saavy Apps, they can cost anywhere from anywhere from $25,000 to $1 million, depending on their complexity. Web developers can help offset the costs through partnerships with existing companies and investors.


Once developers come out with new apps, they need to be able to reach users. This can be one of the greatest challenges they face, especially when they are in oversaturated markets. To be successful, app developers not only have to offer something unique but find different ways to market their apps. This often means investing a portion of their startup money in app promotion. If they have minimal experience with this, developers should considering working with companies that specialize in app marketing.


Mobile app developers often need to make updates to make their products more user-friendly or safer to use. Through updates, app designers can to fix bugs with older versions. It can take some time for app developers to not only make these program updates but to get app users to install them. While app developers want to provide the best possible version of their apps to consumers, frequent updates can cause users to become disgruntled or stop using the programs completely. It is important that developers interact with users, getting their feedback, to make sure that fixes are in line with what they would like to see with the apps.