Modern Website Development Tips

There’s so much that goes into website development beyond knowing the basic tech skills to setup a website. Knowing the latest design trends is a necessity when developing websites. It’s important to always be on the cutting-edge of trends so that you can adopt them early and create modern websites. Consider these up-to-date trends.

Follow a style guide

If you’re creating several websites for the same umbrella company, it’s important for them to all look the same. Creating and referring to a style guide will be a major help as you create page after page and website after website. The style guide lays out all sorts of things, like the brand colors and fonts to use, how to word landing pages, and what widgets to place in the sidebar.

Don’t be afraid of large fonts

Large typography is great for web design because it makes your content easier for people to see and read. When you need to grab the attention of a website visitor, large font is a way to focus their attention. Your minimum font size should be on the large side – around 18 points – and your other headline text should be upwards of that.

Create simple menus

Your navigation menus don’t need to be overwhelmed with links. Yes, navigation links help people get around your website, but too many of them will look too complex to the visitor. Place as few items as possible in the navigation bars. If you need to link to additional pages, do so in the text of your current pages and your blog posts.

Use high quality images

Even if your website is text-focused, you’ll still want to add visuals here and there to break up paragraphs and add interest. Excellent website development means having only high-quality photos on your pages and blog posts. You don’t have to take these images yourself, but you should spend time seeking out quality stock photos. When possible, commission the photos or, if you’re good with a camera, spend some time building up a stock library of your own.

Ultimately, solid website development is about helping the website visitor do what you want them to do. If something is getting in the way of that, get rid of it or improve it to help you reach your goals.